Your engagement session should be fun and full of love and while it’s an important photo-op, showing off your personality as a couple should be your top priority. Choosing what to wear can be a bit of a challenge, but with these tips and tricks hopefully we can help make it a little easier!

Start with the idea of two outfits for your session.

This allows your session to have two completely different looks for a larger variety. One outfit can be casual while the other can be dressy. Your casual outfit should be comfortable and something that reflects your personality while your dressy outfit should be something you wear when you and your other half are going out for a date night.

Choose colors that compliment one another.

You don’t want matching clothes, but rather clothes that compliment one another. Bold colors tend to work well with a softer color and add that celebratory feel. Choose colors that blend well with the season. Light and bright colors (like yellows and blues) work well in the spring and summer months while darker and rich colors (like blacks and reds) look great in the fall and winter months.

Make sure your outfit matches the season.

Making sure your outfit matches the season you are in is something you want to keep in mind. You wouldn’t wear a sweater in the middle of summer just like you wouldn’t wear a short sleeve shirt in winter so make sure what ever you choose to wear works with the season.

Spruce up your outfit with some jewelry or a scarf.

You can easily give an understated outfit a seasonal feel with a bold piece of jewelry or a plaid scarf. These simple additions to your wardrobe can add some flare to your photos – just make sure your accessories don’t compete with your outfit.

Don’t be afraid to accentuate the season.

Every season has something special to offer. Why not accentuate that in your photos? Be festive if you want to and make your session yours! Perhaps there is something you absolutely love to do with your significant other during the season your engagement session will be in, consider including that in your photos. Mugs with hot cocoa for a snowy session or pumpkins with your wedding date are both great ideas to incorporate the season into your engagement session.

Bring your furry friend!

We are avid animal lovers so if you want to bring your fur baby along to your session, go for it! What better way to celebrate becoming a family than to include your “Dog of Honor” in your photos? Animals are so much fun and are a perfect addition to your session.

We hope this helps you decide on your outfit for your engagement session! Check out our FAQs for engagements with us!

What can I expect at my engagement session?

Fun and lots of it! We will be spending time getting to know you as a couple and have you acting silly to stir up laughs but we will also get serious and reflect on your love for each other!

How long does an engagement session typically last?

About 1-2 hours depending on the location of your shoot.

Do you have any locations you love to shoot engagement sessions at?

Sure do! We have lots, it just depends on what you are looking for in your session. A few of our favorite locations are Maymont, Libby Hill, Sunday Park, and Midlothian Mines Park

What time of day should I plan my engagement session?

There are two times of the day that are best for photos and they are surrounded by sunrise and sunset. If you choose a sunrise session, plan to be up early as we will get started just before the sun comes up! If you choose a sunset session, plan to be ready to go about two hours before sun set.


“I wish I could give them 10 stars!! they were more than willing to photograph my son’s baptism and that meant so much to me. They were so nice and easy to work with and they got our pictures back to us quickly. We love each photograph and highly recommend them to everyone”


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