So you’re in the final stages of wedding planning, all of your vendors are booked, you’ve perfected your attire and decorations, now you’re onto the final stages of preparation for the big day. Here are some key items that you don’t want to forget in your wedding day emergency kit!

Snacks and water

We’ll go ahead and get this one out of the way first. We feel that this is one of the most important items that brides often forget. The wedding day is full of go go go leading up to the ceremony and reception, a lot needs to be done;  hair and makeup, getting dressed, ceremony, portraits. These things take hours and going that long without eating or drinking anything can stress you out. It can also stress the wedding party out, and cause everyone to be on edge and uneasy. We’ve had a few occasions where the wedding party didn’t eat or drink any water and only drank alcohol leading up to the ceremony and by that time, everyone was tired and hungry and we hadn’t even gotten through the portraits yet. In other words, make sure you eat something and drink water (not just alcohol!!!).

Sewing kit:

The sewing kit can be a life saver the day of your wedding. Things happen, and having this essential item in your arsenal can help the day go smoothly. Your kit should have safety pins, sewing needles, thread that matches everyone in the wedding party’s outfits, a small pair of scissors, and hem tape. These items will help with snaps, tears, and loose threads that you may come across on the wedding day. The safety pins are especially helpful to conceal undergarments and to keep everything in place.

Wine away:

This is for your stains… Wine away not only gets out red wine stains but colas, teas, coffees, red juices, blood, ink, sauces, anything you may run into on your wedding day. Stacy Burleson with Burleson’s Big Day Events gave us this idea after she had a bride spill red wine on her dress. A few sprays of wine away later, the stain was gone and the bride could enjoy the rest of her day!

Extra ear ring backs

These are great to have around just in case you lose your ear ring back. This helps ensure that you get to wear that jewelry that you put so much thought into!

Clear nail polish & super glue:

Clear nail polish can be a life saver if you realize that you have a run in your tights or pantyhose. Dabbing a little bit of the polish on the run will stop it from getting larger.  Keeping super glue around is also a necessity. Super glue is important to help fix broken shoes, jewelry, and other accessories.

Bobby pins/hair ties/comb/hairspray:

These essential items are necessary for any touch ups you may need to make throughout the day to your hair. A strand may fall, putting in and taking out the veil may move some hair, or a humid or rainy day may cause a need for extra touch ups and these things are good to keep around for those,’ just in case moments’.

Lipstick/other makeup:

You are bound to need some sort of touch ups to your makeup throughout the day… After all, you’ll do a lot of kissing and may shed a tear of joy or two throughout the day! Keeping these items on hand will help keep you looking your absolute best!


For those emotional moments throughout the day to wipe away your tears of joy instead of your expensive makeup!


These are nice to have around for headaches and minor cuts or scrapes. The one thing you don’t want to have to deal with on your wedding day is a headache. There’s a lot going on throughout the day and having a headache can take away from the joy and excitement! We have also had a bride or two choose the wrong shoes to wear for their wedding day and end up with blisters. The bandaids can come in handy to keep those nasty blisters and sore spots covered throughout the day.

Deodorant (gel)

Okay, so this one is a given. Keeping your underarms smelling pleasant throughout the day is important. Make sure you get the gel and not powder deodorant so it’s not visible!

Perfume/body spray

Smelling your best is essential on your wedding day and having a “wedding day” perfume will bring back all of those memories of your day whenever you wear it! So chose wisely and enjoy the perfume at later dates to celebrate momentous occasions.


These items are to ensure that you have fresh breath for that perfect first kiss at the altar!


We’ve had a few brides realize that they forgot to shave the night before their wedding so having this around can help with those last minute touch ups!


Because you’re a woman and need to prepare for everything! Stress can induce a lot of things and the monthly cycle is one of them! You may not need it the day of, but one of your bridesmaids may!

Tweezers & nail file

For the mishaps that can happen throughout the day. If you get a chipped nail, filing it down will help with appearances and prevent it from getting snagged on your dress.

richmond wedding photo & video

Make sure you get your wedding day emergency kit together! Your wedding is right around the corner and being prepared for all the things life may throw your way that day is crucial to ensuring that your big day goes perfectly!

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